Campus History
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College of The Albemarle has significantly grown its offerings in Chowan County over the past 15 years.  Started as an Adult Education Center with a mission to improve literacy, the then-named Chowan County Center was made possible through the efforts of The Chowan Herald, Edenton-Chowan Chamber of Commerce, Chowan County government, Edenton town government, and North Carolina National Bank (NCNB).

In December 1992, the College moved from its initial location (former NCNB Bank) to a larger facility just a couple of blocks away. Offering more than just basic skills instruction in reading, math, GED preparation and English as a Second Language classes, the Chowan County Center facility at the Edenton Village Shopping Center afforded students and volunteers additional space and made available curriculum courses and a variety of corporate and continuing education courses at a single Chowan facility. Today the Edenton-Chowan Campus Administration Building at 1316C North Broad Street, houses classrooms, offices, a seminar room, a student lounge, conference room, Basic Skills Lab, and is co-located with the Employment Security Commission/JobLink Career Resource Center.

In early 2003 Chowan County offered COA space at the former D.F. Walker Elementary School on Oakum Street in Edenton. COA’s culinary program immediately moved into the existing cafeteria at the site and a three year renovation plan was developed. Additional programs were eventually moved to the new space, which was then renamed the Edenton-Chowan Campus. The Edenton-Chowan Campus, at 800 North Oakum Street, houses COA’s Industrial Skills Technology, Culinary Technology, and Corporate and Continuing Education programs. The Edenton-Chowan Campus is proud to offer a number of certificate and diploma programs as well as college transfer courses.

The division of Corporate & Continuing Education serves the county and its business community by providing education and training. Workshops and seminars are made available through the Corporate and Continuing Education’s Small Business Center, Edenton-Chowan Chamber of Commerce and Destination Downtown partnership.

The campus continues its strong history of offering Basic Skills programs, Workforce Development, and Corporate & Continuing Education courses. Corporate & Continuing Education courses include workforce development training, employability skills training, computer training, and a wide variety of self-interest classes. The Culinary Arts Community Conference Center is also available for education and training initiatives.

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