Performance Measures

North Carolina Performance Standards

In February 1999, the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges adopted 12 performance measures for accountability.  This action was taken in response to a mandate from the North Carolina General Assembly to ensure programs and services offered by community colleges in North Carolina were of sufficient quality.  In addition, the General Assembly authorized the North Carolina Community College System to implement performance funding based on a subset of those 12 measures.

As of the 2007-2008 academic year, the 12 performance standards have been replaced with 8 performance standards and each community college is required to meet all 8 standards to receive performance funding.  The 8 standards are as follows:

Measure #1 – Progress of Basic Skills Students                          
2008 Standard = 75%
Students progressing within level; completing level entered or predetermined goal; completing level and advancing to the next level. 

Measure #2 – Passing Rates for Licensure and Certification Exams
2008 Standard = Aggregate 80% and Exam Specific 70%
Passing rate for first time test takers.

Measure #3 – Performance of College Transfer Students
2008 Standard = 83%
Percent with an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher after one academic year at a UNC Institution

Measure #4 – Passing Rates of Students in Developmental Courses
2008 Standard =  75%
Students who complete a developmental course will have a grade of C or better for that course.

Measure #5 – Success Rate of Developmental Students in Subsequent College-Level Courses as Compared to Non-Developmental Students
2008 Standard = 80%

Measure #6 – Student Satisfaction of Completers and Non-Completers
2008 Standard = 90%
Satisfaction with quality of college programs and services.

Measure #7 – Curriculum Student Retention and Graduation
2008 Standard = 65%
Defined cohort will either graduate or be retained from Fall to Fall.

Measure #8 – Client Satisfaction with Customized Training
2008 Standard = 90%
Business/Industry surveyed will report being satisfied with the services provided by the community college.

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