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COA Student to COA Employee - Rodger Rossman
After graduating from the University of Georgia with a B.A. in Agriculture and working towards a Ph.D. in Psychology, Rodger Rossman fell in love; with computers. After acquiring a Master of Science degree in 1984, Rossman quit school at UGA and decided to pursue his career in computers, beginning with a degree from College of The Albemarle.   Rossman enrolled at COA in 1987 and excelled both in and outside of the classroom. While attending COA, Rossman received the President’s Cup award, was President of the National Honor Society, selected as Who’s Who Among Community Colleges, Editor of the college’s yearbook, and was voted “Mr. COA” by the student body. During Rossman’s last year at COA, he received a scholarship from the Sprint Corporation and co-oped with a computer company where he was assigned programming duties at Albemarle Mental Health Center.   Rossman graduated from COA in 1990 with AAS degrees in computer programming, computer electronics, and electronic engineering. He began working for the Unisys Corporation as a computer support technician at the USCG Aircraft Repair and Supply Center. Within four years, Rossman had the highest paying position available through Unisys as Network Administrator and helped initiate and maintain the first universal e-mail system for all USCG air stations.    Two years later, the Director of the Albemarle Mental Health Center contacted Rossman and asked if he would develop and run a computer department for the agency. He left Unisys and began working for the Albemarle Mental Health Center where both his Psychology and Computer degrees would be beneficial to his position.   Five years after taking the job at AMHC, Rossman learned COA was developing distance education courses. With his computer experience and Masters Degree, Rossman was asked to teach Psychology courses part-time via the internet. Two years later, he was hired full-time and is now an Associate Professor of Psychology at the Elizabeth City Campus. 
Rossman said, “At a community college, students are able to discover who they are and what they want to be in a warm, inexpensive atmosphere before continuing their studies at the university level. I am very thankful that N.C. Community Colleges were there for me when I needed them and I hope to return that support to future students in need for many years to come.”
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