Life Lessons Lead to a New Beginning at COA - Travis Bunn
Seventeen years old, a high school drop-out from Camden County High School, and a brand new father. These life lessons brought Travis Bunn from a minimum wage job to College of The Albemarle and the Gateway to College (GtC) Program. Never feeling comfortable in the high school setting, the GtC program was perfect for Travis as it “simulated real college classes while working on your high school diploma”. With only one freshman physical education class credit from high school, Travis came to the GtC program, worked hard, studied even harder and graduated in two years with his high school diploma and more than 30 hours of college credit. And he didn’t stop there. Now enrolled at College of The Albemarle in the Associate in Arts program of study, Travis is taking a full course load of curriculum classes, hoping one day to earn his masters degree in social sciences. With the college credit hours he earned in the GtC program, Travis should graduate with his associate degree in one and a half years. When asked about College of The Albemarle and the Gateway to College Program, Travis said that “if anyone wants to further their education after high school, COA is the place to be. The instructors, in both areas, are all very supportive and are there to help you every step of the way. I know that when I graduate from COA, I will be very prepared for my next two years at North Carolina State University.”     For more information about College of The Albemarle’s programs, please call us at 252-335-0821 or visit our website at www.albemarle.edu.
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