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Elizabeth City Campus Library - (252) 335-0821 x 2270

Library Director Robert Schenck robert_schenck@albemarle.edu ext. 2270
Technical Services Shirley G.Outlaw shirley_outlaw@albemarle.edu ext. 2271
Public Services Ruth E. Balf ruth_balf@albemarle.edu ext. 2371
Evening Librarian Mary R. Breheny mary_breheny@albemarle.edu ext. 2384
Evening Librarian Sharon Warden sharon_warden@albemarle.edu ext. 2270
Computer Lab Assistant Butch Roberts butch_roberts@albemarle.edu ext. 2270
Computer Lab Assistant Gene Althaus gene_althaus@albemarle.edu ext. 2270
Computer Lab Assistant Jamar Allen jamar_allen@my.albemarle.edu ext. 2270

Dare County Campus Library - (252) 473-2264 x 230

Dare Campus Librarian George Strawley george_strawley@albemarle.edu ext. 230
Public Services Assistant     ext. 247
Evening Librarian Deborah Huth deborah_huth@albemarle.edu ext. 247
Substitute Librarian Kris Binkley kris_binkley@albemarle.edu ext. 247


Chat with an Online Librarian 24/7

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With NCknows, you can connect to a librarian through your computer at any time. By typing messages back and forth, we will be able to give you answers, articles and more. It's easy and safe. We are open 24/7 except for Saturday & Sunday when we are closed from midnight to 8:00 am.


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