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Library Policies

Interlibrary Loan

Books not available in our library may be borrowed from other libraries, including community college libraries across North Carolina. Ask library staff for information.

Items may take a week or more to be delivered from other libraries to COA, so make your request early to ensure they arrive on time.


Circulation Policies

Students may check books out for three weeks. DVDs and videos may be borrowed for one to three days.  Items needing more time can be renewed through the online library catalog or by contacting a staff member. Certain special items may be available only for overnight or same-day use.

Students may check out up to five books at a time. Fines for overdue items are 10¢ a day for books and $1 a day for DVDs and CDs.

Patrons will be assessed a fee for lost or significantly damaged items. The fee is equal to the replacement cost of the item plus a $10 processing charge. Long-overdue items will be assumed as lost but continue to accrue fines until the item is either returned or paid for.
Until overdue books and other materials are returned or paid for, the library must suspend your borrowing privileges. Most importantly, if the library places a bar on your student account, the Registrar will not allow you to register for future classes until you settle your obligation to the library. You also will be unable to send transcripts to other colleges and potential employers. Please contact a library staff member if you have a question or concern regarding your account.


Food and Drink

Food is not to be consumed in the library. Drinks are acceptable if properly covered.


Cell Phones and Audio Devices

Please turn off your cell phone and/or audio devices when entering the library. Calls must be taken outside the library. Texting that might disturb or distract other patrons is not allowed.


Lost and Missing Items

There is a “lost and found” box at the circulation desk.


Use of Facilities

  • Children are not allowed in the library or elsewhere on campus. Exceptions can be made for children of students registering for the first time.  In those instances, children must be in the constant company of a parent or legal guardian.
  • Children may not be dropped off in the library while the parent attends a class or meets with an instructor or advisor.
  • Food is not to be consumed in the library. Drinks are acceptable if covered. 
  • The library is a quiet place. Students are there for the purpose of studying, being tutored, and making up tests. Please help us maintain a quiet environment. Cell phones and pagers may not be used in the library. 
  • Telephones in the library are for staff use. College policy does not allow us to provide telephone use to students or the public. The Elizabeth City Campus maintains a courtesy phone available to students for brief local calls at the college switchboard in the AE building.
  • If you remove books, periodicals or videos from the shelves, please take them to the circulation desk when you are finished with them. We will reshelve the items for you.


Library Goals

  • To provide a collection of print, electronic and other materials that meet the curricular, informational and research needs of the college community and that enhance and enrich classroom teaching and learning.
  • To organize the collection for maximum use.
  • To maintain the physical collection in usable condition and conserve materials for future generations of users.
  • To provide bibliographic aids, bibliographic instruction, point-of-use instruction, and assistance in identifying, locating and using information resources, including those not available in the library collection.
  • To support the concept of information literacy as a means of personal empowerment by assisting patrons in finding, evaluating and choosing information, particularly information available via the Internet, for their academic and lifelong learning.
  • To provide facilities and equipment for the storage and use of information resources, including the hardware and software necessary to complete research projects and term papers.
  • To maintain and further develop a highly capable library staff through systematic programs of career development and effective use of individual talents to fulfill the library’s mission and support its objectives.
  • To maintain a close and meaningful working relationship with administrative and academic departments and the user communities, to assure effective development of library services consistent with objectives and programs of the college, and to advise the college as to requirements and costs of these resources.
  • To promote the use of the library and information resources.
  • To continually investigate opportunities to increase services and access to collections beyond the college through cooperative programs with other libraries, library organizations and information retrieval systems, including interlibrary loans.
  • To maintain constant exploration of professional and technological developments with a constant view toward applicability for the library.
  • To ensure continued development and use of those collections of a specialized nature that are distinctive to the library and which are of local and regional interest.
  • To provide a repository for and access to archival information related to COA.

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