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Library Surveys

Library Orientation Questionnaire
This questionnaire is sometimes used as a pre-test to find out what you know about the library before you come to the library for an orientation session.  We also use it at the end of each orientation session to determine how well we’ve done in explaining to you important concepts about using the library’s resources and services.

Library Website
Our online presence is designed to replicate, as much as possible given the format, the resources and services at our campus libraries.  Help make our website even more useful by giving us your honest feedback.

Library Computer Lab
We want to ensure that you have the computer resources you need to do your best work.  Please complete this short survey to let us know if we are meeting your computer needs at the library.  And let us know what we can do to improve or expand computer services and resources.

Can't find what you need in the Library?
Tell us what books, DVDs, and other materials you would like to find in the library.  Provide as much info about the items as possible, including author or director, title, subject, etc., and we will check it out and see what we can do.

Tell us what you think
Here’s a wide-open forum to express your opinion and give us your ideas about just about anything concerning COA’s library resources and services.

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