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Registration & Course Information
The advising resources listed below provide faculty advisors tools to assist students in registering for the appropriate and required courses to complete a program of study (see Developmental Math information below).

myWebAdvisor Registration Guide for Students
Registration & Student Records
College Transfer Guide

Academic Issues & Opportunities
The pdf documents below provide faculty advisors with the forms they will need to assist students with various academic issues and opportunities. The policy relative to these forms can be found in the current academic catalog. Some of the forms have the policy and procedure listed on the form.

ACA 111 Waiver Form
Course Repetition Form
Course Substitution
Course Sub Policy for ENG 111A
Double Major Request Form
Fresh Start Form
Grade Change/Removal Form
Request for Directed Study Form
More Registration & Student Record Forms
Student Information Change Form
Early Alert Form

Placement Testing
The following pdf documents provide advisors with the necessary placement test information to assist advisees with course placement and selective admissions to Health Science and other limited enrollment programs. For more information contact Kenny Krentz at ext. 2220 or Cherrie Boyce at ext. 2281.

Course Placement Rules Chart
Placement Test Waiver Policy (Fall 2012)
Placement Test Re-Test Policy
Sample Test Guide

Developmental Mathematics (DMA)
The following pdf documents provide advisors with the necessary Developmental Mathematics Redesign information to assist advisees with registering for DMA courses. The student website for the developmental math redesign is www.albemarle.edu/devmath.  If you have additional questions, please contact Kevin Argo kevin_argo@albemarle.edu

DMA Course Descriptions
DMA FAQs for Advisors
DMA Advising Worksheet
DMA Advising Worksheet Sample
DMA Crosswalk Guide

Curriculum Mathematics
The following pdf documents provide advisors with the necessary curriculum mathematics information to assist advisees with course selection as a result of the implementation of the MATH CIP and 2014 CAA (Effective Fall 2014). For more information contact Lisa Williams Meads at extension 2357 or Rhonda Watts at extension 2209. 

MAT CIP CAA Advising Handount
This Is Your Last Chance

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