Distance Learning Technical Survey

Distance Learning Technical Survey

Yes/No questions. Record your answers on a sheet of paper.

1. Do you have access, on a weekly basis,  to an Internet connected computer?

2. Do you have the required hardware/software for specific online courses, as listed in the course description in the COA catalog, or in the course schedule listings online, or in the mailed semester schedules?

3. Do you know how to receive and send email messages?

4. Do you know how to do an attachment to a message, and open an attachment in a received message?

5. Do you know how to use a web browser and search engine?

6. Do you know how to download a file/program from the web and open/install it?

7. Have you attended one of the face-to face Blackboard orientations offered just before each semester begins, or completed the online Blackboard orientation, found on the Distance learning home page?

If you answered NO to questions 1 or 2 you should not take an Internet course, until you are able to answer YES.

If you have answered NO to any of the questions numbered 3 to 6, you should consult with a counselor or advisor to learn how to best develop the technical skills that are lacking.

If you answered NO to question number 7, you should either do the online orientation and/or find the schedule that lists the next on campus orientation, and attend that.

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