SMARTHINKING is a new tutoring assistance program available to COA curriculum students. The tutorial service gives students ten “credit” hours, per school year, of live around-the-clock tutoring assistance that is facilitated through online discussion boards, or live chat with a tutor. 

You can enter Smarthinking only by logging into your personal Campus Cruiser account, and then clicking on the Academics tab, and then the Smarthinking tab. For first-time users it is recommended that you review the contents of the “Smarthinking Help Page” first.

Subjects covered include Writing/English, Math, Economics, Accounting, Spanish, Biology, Chemistry, and Anatomy & Physiology

• Connect With an e-instructor and interact with a live tutor when you have a question, or make an 
   appointment for the near future, so that you know a tutor will be readily available.
• Submit your Writing for any class to our Online Writing Lab and receive feedback from a tutor usually 
   within 24 hours.

• Submit a Question and a tutor will reply usually within 24 hours.

Note: The first time you use SMARTHINKING, you will get a “plug-in” notice. You must click "Yes" when asked if you will accept the plug-in. 

Replies from tutors are delivered to an inbox within Smarthinking, and not to the student’s campus Cruiser email account, or private email account.

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