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Associate in Science

The Associate in Science Degree is designed to provide students with the basic courses required of freshman and sophomore science majors at senior institutions. The program of study prepares students to continue their studies in science, mathematics, or related fields.

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Transferring to a Four-Year College or University

The Associate in Science (AS) degree program is designed for transferring to a four-year college, specifically those North Carolina colleges who have signed on to the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA). The agreement enables AS graduates to have junior status when they transfer to institutions who have signed the CAA. Students who want to take a few courses at COA and then transfer should check the minimum transfer admissions requirements at the college they are transferring to. Most UNC system universities require at least 30 credit hours to transfer. All transfer students have to meet the specific admissions requirements for their major. For more information on transferring and links to the four year college transfer admissions web sites go the College Transfer page.

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