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COA Graduate - Moving On Up! - Angie Williams

COA graduate Anjanette “Angie” Williams knows the keys to success.  When Angie graduated from Camden County High School in 1988, she immediately enrolled at College of The Albemarle to continue her education.  With no scholarships or financial aid assistance, she participated in the Cooperative Education (Co-op) Program, working for the Camden County Tax Office.  In May of 1991, Angie graduated with an Associate Degree in Office Technology and work experience that would help her in the future.  She continued her higher education at ECPI and received a diploma in Office Administration. 

This July, Angie will have been employed by Dollar Tree Corporate Offices for nine years.  Starting as an Accounts Payable Clerk she noted that COA provided “the best education possible that one could receive from a community college.”  Angie also stated that education is “all in what you make it; work hard and good things will come to you.  I would also like to say that sometimes, people are under the impression that they can only get a good job if they go to a four year university, but I have proved that theory wrong.  I have a great job, with great pay.” 

Her position as the Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Manager controls the product placement to over 3,500 Dollar Tree Stores.  Working with vendors such as Pepsi, Little Debbie, and Frito Lay, Angie handles all customer service calls received from the 3,500 stores.  “I am instrumental in getting new items approved for these stores as well, by meeting with these vendors face to face, agreeing or not agreeing to a direct cost to our company,” Angie said. 

When asked what Angie liked best about COA, she replied that the Co-op program was the best, “mainly because it gave me the needed work experience in my field.  I worked for the Camden County Tax Office under Ben Gray and Mary Rhodes and together they taught me responsibility, customer service skills, and professionalism; qualities that I have applied to my current position as a manager.”

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