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From Concept to Reality - The Nicholson House
From Concept to Reality - Nicholson House Restaurant and Tea Parlor
In 2003, Deborah Byrum had a dream of opening a restaurant and tea parlor in an historic family home located in Belvidere, NC. With the support of Byrum’s family, she began a two year overhaul on the home to turn her dream into a reality. As the remodeling continued, Byrum realized she needed more help with her finances in order to reach her goal of opening her restaurant to the public. This was when she decided to visit College of The Albemarle’s Small Business Center. After several visits, the Small Business Center was able to develop a plan for the business and adapt a cash flow that would reflect the need for additional monies to complete the building renovations.  

Byrum’s business, the Nicholson House Restaurant and Tea Parlor opening in December of 2004. She utilized the Small Business Center by requesting employees of the restaurant to attend “Customer Service Training”, a training program to help those who are new to the restaurant business learn about taking orders, presentation and appearance, and serving and cleaning tables. In a letter to the Small Business Center dated April, 2005, Byrum stated, “Each day that we are opened for business we get complimented on the service, the atmosphere, and the history we are able to share with others all because there was a Small Business Center to help make it all possible”.

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