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From the Ukraine to the US, and Now on to COA! - Oksana Mastracco

Oksana Mae Mastracco grew up in the Ukraine.  Every year, missionaries visited her orphanage in Cetkivzi.  One of the missionary families, who had no children of their own, asked to adopt her brother, her sister and herself.   They accepted and for the first time they knew they would become part of a family.  From that special day, it took three years for their new family to bring Oksana and her siblings to America.  Finally, on March 8, 2007, they were officially a family in the United States.

Oksana speaks four languages; Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, and English.  She would still like to learn to speak Spanish and learn sign language.  With a high school diploma from Citkivzi High School in the Ukraine, Oksana desired to get her United States high school diploma.  In May 2007, Oksana enrolled at College of The Albemarle’s Elizabeth City Campus, and most recently the Edenton-Chowan Campus, in their Adult High School Diploma program where she is working very hard on improving her reading skills in English.  Her instructor says that “Oksana is a bright, diligent student and a joy to work with.”  Once she receives her US high school diploma Oksana says “I would like to attend college for a career in Criminal Justice, possibly with the FBI who could utilize my language skills.”

Oksana says “Learning is a great opportunity that not everyone has.  You should make the most of the chance to learn.”  When asked about College of The Albemarle, Oksana stated, “I like COA because it is a small school, but has more than one location which allows me to attend the campus closest to me.  The teachers have been very helpful and I am enjoying this opportunity.”  Oksana encourages others in the community to “come with me and see how easy it is to learn!” 

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