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GED is Within Her Reach at COA - Johnetta Hicks
Johnetta Hicks is twenty-four years old with two children. She had her first child when she was twenty-two and her second when she was twenty-three. As a young mother, Johnetta did not realize how rough it would actually be with no income or education and dropped out of school at the age of eighteen. “I wanted to run with the crowd – it was the cool thing to do back then. It sounded good at the time because all of my friends were doing the same thing.”   Now, Johnetta has to be mother and father to her children. As a single mom, she wants to set a good example for them and after having her second child, she decided that she had to do something else with her life for the sake of her children. Johnetta no longer was living only for herself, but she had to do what was best for her kids. This young mother heard about the partnership between River City YouthBuild and College of The Albemarle. Johnetta learned that she could earn her GED through COA and attend YouthBuild at the same time. “River City YouthBuild and the GED teachers at COA taught me to set my standards high and work diligently toward my goals.” Johnetta has been enrolled in the GED program for less than two months and has already received her GED. She scored well above the required minimum score which increased her confidence. As she began the program, she knew that graduation from COA’s GED program was within reach. The collaboration between College of The Albemarle and River City YouthBuild is a successful partnership that continues to reach people just like Johnetta.
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