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PACT & GED in One Place - CJ Hardiman
When Calvin Hardiman decided to join River City YouthBuild and earn his GED through College of The Albemarle, he made a drastic change in his life.   C.J., as he is called, not only earned his GED, but also his PACT certification in construction skills. YouthBuild is the site where both programs operate concurrently. It has been a long and difficult road for C. J. who often travels from far away Old Trap, a community deep in Camden County. COA and Rivercity YouthBuild have worked together to provide C. J. with the necessary stepping stones to future career goals. Admittedly, C. J. said, “I had to work on my attitude and particularly my temper. But through the process of earning my GED, my self-esteem has improved significantly.” C. J. states, “I have changed into a respectful person who will continue on the road to success and be a credit to my family and community.”  


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