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Single Mother Receives GED and Doesn't Stop There! - Shanequa Riddick
When Shanequa Riddick realized high school was just not for her, she left not sure where to turn. Shanequa then had a baby and knew she needed to finish her high school education or go to work. As many other residents of Chowan County have done, Shanequa headed for College of The Albemarle (COA) and their GED program. She came to COA in 2010 to begin work towards her GED, but did not come regularly. Shanequa said, “My teachers would call when I missed too many classes and wanted to know where I was. They encouraged me to come back in and get back to work.” With her family’s support, she continued to go to class and the work got a little bit easier.   The thought of graduating with her GED became more real with each day she came through the campus doors. Shanequa did receive her GED in November 2010 and immediately enrolled in COA’s college curriculum program in the Spring 2011 semester. Currently, Shanequa is taking general education courses to prepare her for the Associate Degree Nursing (A.D.N.) Program of Study. She sees herself graduating from COA with her degree in nursing and continuing her education towards her bachelor’s degree in nursing.  

When asked about why she chose COA, Shanequa stated, “Not wanting to go back to high school, COA gave me the second chance I needed to get my education. Without the GED program at the Edenton-Chowan Campus, I would have never thought about going back to school. I am truly blessed that this campus is right here where I live.”

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