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Application Process
STEP 1: Complete the Work-Based Learning Application early prior to the semester you plan to begin:
  • Spring semester for fall semester
  • Fall semester for  spring semester
NOTE: Some departments may have earlier application deadlines. Contact the Work-Based Learning Liaison if you cannot meet deadlines because of extenuating circumstances.
STEP 2: Create an account in the College Central Network (CCN) system using your College of The Albemarle  Student ID and COA email address. If any other email address is entered into CCN, account access will be denied and your application will not be processed. Visit  www.collegecentral.com/coa/ or contact your  faculty advisor if you need assistance.
STEP 3: Meet with your faculty advisor to discuss participation in Work-Based Learning. If you are eligible and approved to participate, your advisor will complete the Faculty Approval Worksheet (Page 2 of the application) and forward it to the Work-Based Learning Liaison.
STEP 4: Start your job search! While we cannot guarantee employment to any student seeking a work-based learning experience, we offer resources and guidance for your job search:

A jobs board is available through College Central Network, Inc. (CCN) with links to a national job board through CCN’s partnership with Indeed.com.

Extensive resume information with a guided resume-writing process is available on College Central. Additionally, there is interview information and tips available to help you prepare for interviews, and offer other job search tips and techniques.

International students: U.S. Law requires employers to verify the legal work eligibility of all new employees within three days of employment. If you are here on any Visa other than a work Visa, you should contact Martha Johnson, PDSO to obtain permission before you begin the application process - (252) 473-2264 x 7012, martha_johnson@albemarle.edu. e office is on the Dare Campus in the Admin Building room 104.
STEP 5: Notify us of your work-based learning arrangement. Once you have secured employment, contact your faculty advisor or Work-Based Learning Liaison. They will guide you in finalizing the pre-registration paperwork and obtaining signatures from your site supervisor.

Your current employer may, in some cases, serve as a Work-Based Learning work site. You must be able to show that you are learning new skills and duties for the Work-Based Learning class.

STEP 6: Register and pay. When your work site has been determined and your pre-registration paperwork finalized (submitted and approved), the registration hold will be released and you will be allowed to register and pay for the Work-Based Learning class. Visit Tuition and Fees for information on payment. 

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