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For Students
Work-Based Learning (WBL), formerly Cooperative Education, is a great opportunity for students to learn valuable job skills related to their field of study.  Participation in the Work-Based Learning program offers students opportunities as follows:
  • Receive academic credit
  • Opportunity to apply instruction to actual practice
  • Gain career related  work experience
  • Explore career options
  • Strengthen job skills including resume preparation, building future references, interviewing techniques
  • Increase marketability after graduation
Program Availability
Work-Based Learning is available fall and spring semesters. Because the program offers curriculum credit, planning is required. The earlier you start the application process, the more likely you will be to secure the position you want and start working in time to complete the required hours.

The program is flexible, to accommodate student and employer schedules. Students typically work part time, from 10 to 20 hours per week (depending on credit hours), while attending school.

Work-based learning experiences may or may not be paid, depending on the employer. College of The Albemarle encourages employers to pay students in the program whenever possible.
Eligibility Criteria
Students interested in the program must complete the Work-Based Learning Application and meet with their faculty advisor to discuss program and department requirements.

To find out if your program of study offers Work-Based Learning (WBL) classes:
  • Review the list of Approved Programs with Work-Based Learning (WBL) requirements or options; or 
  • Review your program evaluation by logging in to WebAdvisor (using your student account ID and password) to find out if Work-Based Learning (WBL) is listed. Look for “COE” or “WBL”; or  
  • Contact the Work-Based Learning Liaison or your faculty advisor.
To be eligible, students need to:
  • Be currently enrolled in an approved program of study offering Work-Based Learning.
  • Meet any additional requirements of the appropriate academic department(s).
  • Obtain approval from their faculty advisor or Work-Based Learning Liaison.
  • Have legal authorization to work in the United States. 
  • Meet possible special employer job requirements that could restrict or prevent their participation such as drug screening, use of tools or equipment, age, transportation, licensure, health, or criminal record check requirements. 
Participation in a work-based learning experience is ultimately at the employer’s discretion. Students may work at multiple job sites under multiple employers.
Credit Hours
Work-Based Learning classes typically offer one or two credit hours, depending on the program of study. Students work 160 hours in a semester (10 hours per week over the 16-week semester) for a one-credit-hour class, or 320 hours (20 hours per week over the 16- week semester) for a two-credit-hour class.
Work-Based Learning (WBL) classes are graded on a letter scale A-F contingent on evaluations, the meeting of learning objectives for the class, completion of required forms and required work hours. All documentation is submitted to the student’s assigned Work-Based Learning Faculty Coordinator. 
To learn more, contact your faculty advisor or contact Lynn Jennings at 252-335-0821, ext. 2232 or email lynn_jennings@albemarle.edu.

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