The Upton Brothers' Endorsement

The Upton brothers, B.J. and Justin, two of Major League Baseball’s most highly-drafted players, endorse the return of baseball and other intercollegiate athletics programs to the College of The Albemarle in Elizabeth City, NC.  Both are excited about the opportunity to support the revival of competitive sports in this college community.  As fierce, talented athletic competitors, they know the value of sports in building leadership skills and a good work ethic, in preparation for life’s challenges.

B.J. and Justin have provided a few quotes concerning the College's efforts:

“Millions of kids dream of participating in college athletics. Very few realize that dream. You can help many students in or near this community live the dream.”

“We may be on different Major League teams, but we are both teammates with COA. Join our team in helping COA reinstate intercollegiate athletics beginning with baseball and softball.”

“Few high school athletes will be as fortunate as we were by signing major league baseball contracts after graduating high school.  Reinstatement of baseball and other sports at COA will, however, give talented players a chance to achieve success in other professions of choice while continuing to participate in intercollegiate sports.”

Athletic Reception


From left to right, Fred Riley, Jan Riley, President Lynne M. Bunch,
Yvonne Upton, and Manny Upton at the Athletic Reception on 
May 29, 2008.

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