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Finish the GED!


Your future is calling. With the GED® test, you can answer the call!

Finish your GED® test by the end of 2013 and get started on the life you deserve. With a high school credential, more doors open – to a better job, college, and the respect you deserve. The current version of the GED® test is expiring at the end of 2013. Answer the call today!

Starting in 2014, there will be a new GED® test. The current version of the GED® test is expiring at the end of 2013 and your scores will expire too if you don't finish and pass the test by then. If you act now,  you won’t have to re-take the parts of the GED® test you’ve already passed. GED changes FAQs

Changes to GED:

  • The cost will go from a total of $35 for all tests to approximately $24 per test
  • All scores will be reset - people who have taken test but not completed their ged will have to start over from scratch
  • The test will be more difficult
  • Scores will reset December 31st, 2013 and the new test will begin January 1st, 2014

General Educational Development (GED) is a free program of instruction in writing, social studies, science, literature and the arts, and mathematics. It is designed to prepare adult students to pass the GED tests which lead to a high school equivalency certificate. The certificate is awarded by the North Carolina Community College System. 

To prepare for the GED, you can enroll in one of our many classes or prepare online. It can take as little as four weeks or as long as a student needs to prepare for the tests.  There is a one time testing fee of $35.00 to take the GED tests. An official picture/signature ID is also required for testing. Learn more about the GED Program.

Please call Wanda Fletcher at 335-0821 x 2259 for more information about the GED program.

GED Online

With a computer and Internet access, students can prepare to take the GED tests in the comfort of their own homes at times that fit busy schedules. For more information, please contact Tessa Parnell: 335-0821 x 2991 tessa_parnell@albemarle.edu. Office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 2:45 pm.

Class Schedule
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GED Testing
To find out more about upcoming test dates contact Erle Solesbee erle_solesbee@albemarle.edu

What Happens When I Finish?
You are eligible for a graduation ceremony at College of The Albemarle. The graduation takes place at the Elizabeth City Campus and will be held next on May 14, 2013 at 6:30 pm.

GED Transcripts
Information on obtaining a GED transcript.

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