Oct 17, 2011

COA and UNC Pottery Partnership

COA and UNC Pottery Partnership

College of the Albemarle’s Workforce Development and Continuing Education office in Dare County recently partnered with UNC-Chapel Hill to provide a creative experience for eleven students who are participants in an ecological field site program in Manteo. Students are currently in their fifth week of basic pottery class with new Pottery/Ceramics Instructor, Patrick Scheg.   According to Patrick, “The students are all great to work with and I am amazed at how quickly they have learned the skills necessary to create excellent pieces of art.”

According to Robert T. Perry, Director of the Albemarle Ecological Field Site program, "These students are all participants in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Albemarle Ecological Field Site, which is a one-semester experience for the students centered in Manteo. They all take five courses, and the aim is to impart a great dose of real-life understanding about NC coastal law and policy, estuarine systems, and resilient communities. They leave with a much deeper appreciation of coastal issues -- something of increasing importance as more than half the United States population lives on or close to the coast." Students will have one more week of class and then the art pieces that they have created will be fired in the kiln.


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