Apr 29, 2014

PACE Students Give Back to the Community

PACE Students Give Back to the Community
With spring in full bloom, the students of the PACE (Pathway Access to College Experience) program at the Dare Campus have marked this season in their own unique way. In collaboration with SGA members of Dare Campus, the PACE students grew and nurtured small fragile plants into beautiful, healthy and succulent Aloe vera plants. These potted plants were given to members of the Dare Community Center as a gesture of the students’ appreciation and respect for the senior citizens living in their community.
Forty plants were delivered to the Dare Community Center in Manteo. Many community senior citizens socialize and take lunch at the center and at the same time they were able to collect a spring plant to take home. With this simple gift the PACE students wish to leave a positive imprint into the lives of the elderly individuals of our community. The pots were carefully composed of a vibrant aloe plant decorated with colorful ribbons, a letter signed by all the participants in this project, and a small list of the aloe’s healing properties.
The COA PACE students are delighted that they were able to give a contribution back to the community. 

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