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Placement Testing
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COA offers the NC-DAP assessment for placement testing. NC-DAP measures your skills in reading, writing, and math. Associate in Science students may test out of pre-calculus to take Calculus by taking the COMPASS math test. The test results will be used in conjunction with other information, to place you in the appropriate college course(s) for your program of study at COA. Students may have to complete developmental courses in English and reading (DRE) and or math (DMA) depending on their placement test scores.

Who must take the test?
All full-time and part-time students entering College of The Albemarle must take a placement test unless they have the placement test waived - see Multiple Measures policy.

What do you need to bring to the test?
A photo ID.

When and where is the placement test given?
The placement test is scheduled at convenient times on each of our campuses. Please sign-up for a COA Connect Session to schedule a placement test.

Special Arrangements for Students with Disabilities
If you have a learning and/or physical disability that would prevent you from taking the test under standard conditions, separate testing is available in conjunction with any other special accommodations. No fee is charged for these arrangements. For details, please contact the Director of Disabilities Services at (252) 335-0821 x 2277

Placement Test Waiver Policy
Students must take an assessment before their first term of registration. This requirement may be waived using Multiple Measures or by the placement test waiver policy. Students who want to take Calculus at COA must take the COMPASS college algebra assessment.

Retest Policy and Fee
Students have the option of taking one retest per subject area per the Re-Test Policy. Student retesting must pay a $10 retest fee. Once enrolled in a developmental course a student may not retest in that course subject, but they may retest after they complete a developmental course to test out of subsequent developmental course in that subject. For exceptions to this policy see the Director, Counseling, Advising, and Student Success. Placement Retest Policy.

Placement Testing Help
For additional sample questions and more help to prepare to take the NC-DAP or COMPASS assessment see links listed below.

The Official NC DAP Study App - Use your computer, iPad, or smartphone to study for the test.

NC DAP Combined Mathematics & English/Reading Sample Questions Guide

NC DAP Sample Writing Essays

COMPASS College Algebra, Geometry & Trigonometry Sample Tests



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