Success Coaches
Please contact your Success Coach if you have any questions!

Success Coaches are assigned by your last name:

Elizabeth City Campus
A-F  |  John M. Wells  john_wells@albemarle.edu  x 2243
G-H  |  Andrea Temple  andrea_temple@albemarle.edu  x 2277

 I-M  |  Derek Meredith  derek_meredith@albemarle.edu  x 2290

N-S  |  Cherrie Boyce  cherrie_boyce@albemarle.edu  x 2281

T-Z  |  Kenny Krentz  kenneth_krentz@albemarle.edu  x 2220

Dare County Campus
A-H  |  Martha Johnson  martha_johnson@albemarle.edu  x 223

 I-M  |  Alice Bridge  alice_bridge@albemarle.edu  x 236 
N-Z  |  Katherine Dunavant  katherine_dunavant@albemarle.edu  x 222

Chowan County Campus
All Students - Dr. Amanda Hodges  amanda_hodges@albemarle.edu  x 2437


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