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F-1 Visas for students currently in the U.S.

Thank you for your interest in our College! We are international student friendly and would be most happy to assist you in obtaining a student visa. If you are currently in the United States on a valid visa (other than F-1), we can assist you in applying to change your current status to the status of F-1 student. It is possible for you to obtain a student visa for three years to study at our college.

The cost for applying for a change in status is $290 (I-539 form) and an additional $200 for registering in SEVIS (I-901 fee). Please review the F-1 Visa Checklist for specifics about how this money should be paid. COA does not charge any fees for assisting you with the change of status request.

If you would like us to help you apply for the change of status so that you may attend COA, please follow the steps below.

How to Apply

  1. Apply for admissions online!

    If you experience log-in issues or need assistance with the CFNC account, please call 866-866-2362.

    Students who have not attended COA for one year prior to the semester they plan to enroll in must re-apply for admission (Example: a student who last attended COA spring 2015 must apply for admission for fall 2016).

  2. Attend COA Connect session.

    Receive assistance with your next enrollment step. Find out what we have to offer, create your COA login, prepare and sign-up for Placement Testing, and confirm your information. After this session, you will be able to access your myGmail, myWebAdvisor and myCourses (the college's online education software).

    Students must complete the "Introduction to myCourses" in myCourses to register for classes.

    Sign-up for a COA Connect session!

  3. Register for placement testing.

    The Reading/English and Math placement testing is required for all international students. Students need to attend a COA Connect Session to sign-up for a Placement Test. International students must score a 117 or higher on the NC Dap Test (placement into DRE 097) to be eligible to change their status to F-1 or receive an I-20. Students seeking an F-1 visa from their home country may take the TOEFL test.

  4. Meet with a Designated School Official (DSO) for change of status and/or F-1 visa information.

    Upon completion of the placement test, international students should meet with a DSO to learn about what documents are necessary to complete a change of status or I-20 application. Students seeking an F-11 Visa from their home country should contact a DSO for an I-20 application.

  5. Gather necessary immigration documentation In order to proceed with a change of status request or an I-20 application, a number of documents are required.

    The list of required documents will be reviewed during your meeting with a College of The Albemarle DSO.

  6. Schedule a meeting with a DSO for a change of status meeting.

    Once the student has gathered all the necessary documentation, they can schedule a meeting to complete a Change of Status Application. Students must have a valid visa to complete the process.

  7. Schedule an Advising/Registration Appointment.

    Once you have taken the Placement test (or had it waived), schedule an Advising and Registration Appointment. Please schedule an appointment at the campus you will be attending:

    Elizabeth City Campus: 252-335-0821

    Dare Campus: 252-473-2264

    Edenton-Chowan Campus: 252-482-7900

    Regional Aviation and Technical Training Center: 252-453-3035

    International students – F-1 status change must be approved by SEVIS prior to enrolling in classes.

Contact Us

When communicating with us by email, we strongly recommend you establish an account using an American server such as Gmail, Yahoo, Earthlink, AOL or Hotmail. Often times, we are not able to successfully receive mail from foreign servers such as "ru" or "pl".

Martha Johnson
Principal Designated School Official
Dare County Campus
252-473-2264 ext. 7012

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