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Rules and Regulations for F-1 Visa students
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For more information about rules and regulations for students with an F-1 visa/status, students are encouraged to consult Study in the States.

  1. If you are in the United States awaiting Immigration’s approval of your change of status request to F-1, you are still required by Immigration to enroll every fall and spring semester as you wait for a decision.
  2. You must be enrolled as a full-time student (12 credit hours or more) per semester unless approved for less.
  3. Of the 12 credits you’re required to take each semester, 9 of those credits must be in seated classes. The balance of the 12 may be taken on the Internet.
  4. Failure to follow immigration policies may cause your F-1 status to be terminated and may cause you to be subject to deportation.
  5. It is your responsibility to keep a current address and phone number on record at the college as well as with the Department of Homeland Security.
  6. You may not work for pay while you study on an F-1 Visa except in special cases related to Optional Practical Training or Cooperative Education – both of which are available to you after you’ve completed one fall and one spring semester.
  7. Prior to traveling out of the United States students should see a DSO for an updated travel I-20.
  8. Your I-20 Form is issued for two years. You may be given an extension on the I-20 dates if needed as long as you are continuously enrolled. Do not let your I-20 expire. If you need an extension on the I-20, you should contact us in a timely manner before the expiration date. If it expires, you will be out of the F-1 student status. It is your responsibility to check the I-20 form.
  9. Students should not let their passport expire. You must possess a passport that is valid at all times. You should renew your passport six months prior to the expiration date at your country's Consulate in the United States or in your country.
  10. International students are required to attend an International Student Check-In Meeting at the start of every semester. Failure to attend a meeting may delay your SEVIS registration.

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