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Tuition Assistance from non-profits

North Carolina General Statute 115D-39 enables North Carolina non-profit entities to sponsor up to five individuals lawfully admitted to the United States and currently residing in North Carolina, at a North Carolina Community College.  The rule requires the North Carolina non-profit entity to accept financial responsibility for the student’s tuition at the in-state tuition rate and the student’s other required educational fees. (Note: This sponsorship is not the same as the sponsorship required for a student to secure an F-1 visa.)

The College believes the spirit and text of the rule do not allow there to be any express or implied understanding that the student will reimburse the non-profit entity.  The non-profit entity cannot just be a conduit for the payment of in-state tuition.

If a non-profit organization wishes to sponsor a student, the following procedures will be followed:

The North Carolina non-profit entity sponsoring a student is required to:

1) Provide the Director of Admissions, Testing and International Students or his designee with a letter on its stationery stating that the North Carolina non-profit entity accepts financial responsibility for the student’s tuition and other required educational fees.  Note:  No non-profit entity may sponsor more than five lawfully admitted individuals in the academic year (August through July)

2) Submit a copy of the entity’s federal tax identification number.

3) Submit a copy of the entity’s articles of incorporation.

4) Once the required documentation is submitted to COA, the North Carolina non-profit sponsor will be billed by the college in a timely fashion and payment is expected within thirty days of billing.

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