How to Register Online

Priority registration for the Summer and Fall Semesters will begin on March 21st and continues online through May 18 for Summer and August 17 for Fall. Your registration priority will be sent to your COA Gmail Account.   

Priority Registration Schedule

March 21 - Within 12 hours of program completion

March 24 - 32 or more non-developmental hours completed 

March 25 - 24 or more non-developmental hours completed

March 26 - 15 or more non-developmental hours completed

beginning March 27 - All current students

Preparation for Priority Registration

Meet with your Academic Advisor and select the courses needed to get you closer to your educational goal.

Enter the courses you plan to take next semester into your "Preferred Sections" in MyWebAdvisor.

Access your Program Evaluation through MyWebAdvisor to identify the courses required to complete your program.

Reminders: Courses that are not required for your program of study may not be covered by Financial Aid or your Veterans Benefits.

On your scheduled day to register, you must select Register then click "Submit" to register for the courses in your "Preferred Sections."  

Clicking Submit completes your registration and registers you for your selected course(s).

Tuition Due Dates

Summer - April 18

Fall - July 24

Important - Summer Tuition Rates were sent in a previous COA Announcement titled: "Important Information Regarding Summer Tuition."

Orientation Schedule

Current students may register online after meeting with an advisor. To find out who your advisor is go to your Profile in My Web Advisor.

Web Registration Guide
Access to MyWebAdvisor
Course Schedules

Online registration is the fastest and easiest way to register for classes at College of The Albemarle. The system offers many advantages:

  • You can avoid the lines and frustration of walk-in registration, save time, and have a better chance of getting the classes you need when and where you want them.
  • You can create a list of preferred sections before your registration date. Then, during the registration period you can finalize your registration with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • The Search feature allows you to find the sections you need quickly and easily by setting specific parameters (such as day, time and place) that will accommodate your schedule.

New Students

New students must complete several steps before they can register for classes. Generally once you have taken the placement test or had it waived, you can sign up to attend an Orientation and Registration Session or meet with your Student Success Coach depending on the campus you are attending. For more info on attending Orientation/Registration go to Step 7 on the Admissions web page.

Steps to Enroll at COA



Tuition & Payment Options

Students must pay their tuition, set up a payment planonline or have approved Financial Aid or Veterans Benefits by the published deadline on the semester Information Calendar.  Failure to do so will result in your classes being dropped.  Financial Aid and Veteran students should also be aware that any course not  required for your Program of Study will not be covered.

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