Student Information

How to Update Student Information

Complete the Student Information Change Form and forward it to the Admissions Office (Dare and Edenton-Chowan students may drop the completed form off at the front desk). 

Note if you are changing:  

  • Your name or Social Security Number you will need to submit a copy of your Social Security Card reflecting the change.  
  • Your date of birth you will need to submit a copy of your birth certificate

College of The Albemarle recognizes the importance of exercising responsibility in the maintenance and security of all student records. In order to meet that responsibility and the requirements of the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), as enacted by Congress, the college makes the following information known:

  1. I. Types of informational records and information which directly relate to students and which are maintained by the college
    • Permanent Student Files: transcripts of work at other educational institutions, health forms or records, recommendation letters, placement test profiles, application and residency forms; and
    • Transcripts: academic record of all courses taken while enrolled at the college.
  2. The official responsible for maintaining each type of record, the persons who have access to those records, and the purpose for which they have access
    • The Registrar: responsible for maintaining student files and transcripts;
    • The regular staff in the Student Development Office: access to the files for maintenance purposes;
    • The counselors and faculty advisors: access to the files for use in academic advisement;
    • Members of the Academic Appeals Committee: access when a case comes before the committee; and
    • Other authorized college committees: access whenever the nature of their responsibility requires access to student records (e.g., determining awards at graduation, etc.).
  3. The policy of the college for reviewing, maintaining, and expunging records
    • Allows the institution to destroy all student records except the official transcript five years after the student leaves the college.
    • Acknowledges that parents and legal guardians of independent students 18 years of age or older do not have a right to view student records, grades, tests scores, etc., unless written consent from the student is received. Parents of dependent students as defined in section 152 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 may review student recordswithout the written consent of the student.
    • Requests for student transcripts will not be honored as long as the student has any outstanding debt to the college.
    • Official transcripts and replacement files will be forwarded only at the written request of the student and with the payment of $5.00 for each transcript.
    • Written permission from the student is required before grades or records of students are released to faculty or to any agency, except as outlined previously in Section
    • Permits instructors to post final exam and end-of-course grades, provided numerical codes are used, unless thestudent notifies each instructor five days before the end of the semester that he or she does not wish the grades to be posted.
  4. The procedures established by the college providing access to student records
    • Upon receipt of a written request from the student, the Registrar within 30 days is responsible for: 
      • Allowing the student to inspect and review the permanent file and transcript;
      • Providing the student with copies of the material at a cost of .50¢ per page;
      • Interpreting the records to the student; and
      • Allowing the student to challenge, in writing, the content of the files. (Upon receipt of the challenge, the Registrar shall conduct a hearing at which time any materials found to be inappropriate or misleading will be corrected. The student shall also have the opportunity to insert into his/her file any written explanations he or she deems appropriate)
    • College of The Albemarle considers the following “directory information” and will release such information unless the student notifies the Registrar in writing.
      • Name, address, and phone number
      • Date and place of birth
      • Program of study
      • Participation in officially recognized activities
      • Dates of attendance
      • Degrees and awards received
      • The most recent previous educational agency or institution attended by the student
      • Graduation honors

A student may make a written request to the Registrar to have his/her record closed. Students who do not wish to have any or all “directory information” made public without their consent must sumbit a FERPA Release Form to the Registrar each semester.

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