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Scholarships and Student Aid

Apply now for Financial Aid! Students must have completed their financial aid files by the deadlines noted below and have received their award letters to be eligible to have their tuition, fees, and books covered for the upcoming semester.


  • Fall Semester: June 1st
  • Spring Semester: October 10th
  • Summer Semester: April 15th

You may still complete your file after that date, and you may still apply for financial aid, but you would receive payment later in the semester if you are eligible.

Financial Aid Facts

Pell Lifetime Eligibility Limits

To be considered for financial assistance for a semester, a student's enrollment status at the 10% point of the semester will be used to calculate awards and determine eligibility. Students who plan to register for late starting classes should consider this information when registering for classes. Students who register for classes after this point would not be considered for financial assistance for that semester.

For any financial aid questions, please call (252) 335-0821 x 2355.

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