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Effective with the 2014 - 2015 academic year, and going back to the 2008 - 2009 award year, there will be a state limit of 10 semesters or 15 trimesters across the North Carolina Community College Grant, North Carolina Education Lottery Scholarship, The University of North Carolina Need Based Grant, and the North Carolina Need Based Scholarship. Each grant is also limited to 10 semesters individually, except for the NCCCG, which is limited to six semesters.

Effective with the 2012 - 2013 academic year, students will be eligible to receive the Federal Pell Grant for a maximum of 12 semesters (or its equivalent 600%). Since the maximum amount of Pell Grant funding a student can receive each year is equal to 100%, the six-year equivalent is 600%. The Department of Education keeps track of your Lifetime Eligibility Used (LEU) by adding together the percentages of your Pell Grant scheduled awards that you received for each award year. Lifetime Eligibility Used includes Pell received from any college at any point since the program was established.

Effective with the 2012 - 2013 academic year, any students who receive the North Carolina Education Lottery Scholarship (NCELS) and/or the North Carolina Community College Grant (NCCCG) and withdraw prior to the 35% of the semester will be required to repay a portion of these funds.

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Other Important Information

  • Terms of Enrollment: Fall 2016, Spring 2017, and Summer 2017
  • Enrollment Status:
    12 or more hours = Full Time
    9, 10, 11 hours = 3/4 Time
    6, 7, 8 hours = 1/2 Time
    Less than 6 hours = Less than 1/2 Time
  • Clock-Hour Programs:
    Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) and Cosmetology (diploma and certificate) are considered clock-hour programs. Financial Aid students enrolled in these programs must successfully complete the clock hours and weeks of instructional time in a payment period in order to progress to the next payment period. For more information, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

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