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Student Activities
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College of The Albemarle (COA) offers students numerous opportunities to develop their leadership skills, grow as individuals, or learn about a new field or hobby for the pure enjoyment of it. Student clubs, societies and organizations enable students to plan, coordinate, market, sponsor and evaluate activities and projects.

Student Ambassador Program

The Student Ambassador program was established in 1999 through the M. G. Morrisette, Jr. Endowment Scholarship Fund. The Ambassador Program provides the opportunity for select students to realize their leadership potential serving COA as a recipient of an Ambassador Scholarship. Student Ambassadors are chosen to serve the college in one-year appointments. Selection is based on grade point average, character, leadership potential and community involvement.

Become a Student Ambassador! Enhance your career, provide community service, network with business and community leaders, develop your leadership and communication skills, meet new people and travel and receive a full tuition scholarship.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is composed of student leaders who are elected in the Spring Semester and serve as the governing body over COA's Student Activities utilizing the activity budget. The budget comes from fees paid by curriculum students who attend COA.

Extra-curricular activities such as workshops, Academics Awards, Back to School Bash, Fall Fest, Spring Fling activities, Graduation celebrations and other educational and entertaining events are offered throughout the fall and spring semesters.

Student Clubs

There are numerous clubs recognized by the COA Student Government Association which gives students the opportunity to get involved on campus and within the community.

Minority Male Mentoring Program (3MP)

The mission of 3MP is to transform lives in an accessible, supportive environment that promotes academic excellence, student success, workforce development, community partnerships and responsible stewardship of minority males in the Albemarle area.

Program Goals

  • To assist students in the completion of a certificate, diploma or associate degree
  • To help students build supportive relationships
  • To improve overall class attendance
  • To develop responsibility in social and academic endeavors
  • To increase exposure to cultural events
  • To show students how to establish lifelong goals that would make them productive and responsible citizens
  • To offer students opportunities for leadership
  • To identify potential financial resources

Available Opportunities and Resources

  • Group and one-on-one mentoring
  • Tutoring and monthly tracking
  • Career preparation
  • Motivational seminars and college tours
  • Cultural enrichment

The program works to assist students through the enrollment process by providing the resources and support needed to ensure success.


Allison Brooke Dove
Director of Student Life and Leadership
Minority Male Mentoring Program Advisor

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