Summer Tuition Changes
Please find Important Information Regarding the 2014 Summer Tuition Rates below.
For the Summer Semester, the following courses will be charged according to our current Tuition Rates - $71.50 (Instate) and $263.50(Out-of-State)/per credit hour plus fees (up to 16 credit hours).
AVI-130, BIO-090, BIO-111, BIO-168, BIO-169
BIO-275, CHM-090, CHM-152, DMA-010, DMA-020, 
DMA-030, DMA-040, DMA-050, DMA-060, DMA-070, 
DMA-080, DRE-096, DRE-097, DRE-098, EGR-220, 
MAC-113, MAT-115, MAT-151, MAT-151A, MAT-161, 
MAT-162, MAT-172, MAT-172A, MAT-273, NOS-110, 
NUR-103, PHY-252, SUR-134, SUR-135, SUR-137
For all other courses, tuition will be charged $75.00/per credit hour for both Instate and Out-of-State plus fees (up to 16 credit hours).
Tuition Due Date for Summer - April 18.

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