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Academic Guidelines

Grade Point Average and Academic Probation

A cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher must be maintained.  If you fail to maintain the required GPA you will be placed on academic probation which could result in the cancellation of your GI Bill Benefit.

If you are placed on academic probation, you will have the next term to raise your GPA up the requirement.  If you do not meet the minimum at the end of the probationary semester, you certification to the VA will be terminated and your benefits will stop.

This does not mean you have lost your GI Bill eligibility. It means that you will not receive any more GI Bill money while you are at College of The Albemarle until your GPA at COA is brought up to the minimum 2.0. Once your COA GPA is up to 2.0 you may again receive the GI Bill. To restart, you must request the start-up from the Registrar, it will not happen automatically. Contact Andrea Dance at 252-335-0821 ext 2252 or registrar@albemarle.edu


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