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Program of Study and Changing Majors

Program of Study and Changing Majors

When you first begin your enrollment at COA, you select a program of study.  This program of study is the one you must follow until graduation.  If you have questions about courses required for your program of study, please consult your academic advisor.

A change of program is a change of educational, professional, or vocational objective requiring a change in the courses taken.  The law permits changes of program if your attendance, conduct, and progress in the last program were satisfactory.  VA may approve additional changes if the proposed program is suitable to your abilities, aptitudes, and interests.  You must notify the Registrar if you intend to change majors.  Contact Andrea Dance at 252-335-0821 ext 2252 or registrar@albemarle.edu

Course Substitutions  

Substitution of one course for another with the approval of the division chair is allowed.  VA approval is required prior to being paid for more than two substitutions in your curriculum.  It is your responsibility to notify the Registrar of all course substitutions.  

Non-Traditional Course Enrollment

The VA defines non-traditional courses as telecourses, internet delivered, audio-videocassette, or independent study.  In order to maintain a high quality of educational and academic excellence, all students receiving educational benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs must meet the following criteria before enrolling in non-traditional courses:

  • The veteran should review the "Student Orientation to Moodle and Online Services Course" to determine if he/she is suited to this style of learning
  • The course must be required in the veteran's current program of study
  • The veteran must pass each non-traditional course attempted in order to enroll in a subsequent study course

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