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Dropping a course that reduces your credit hour load could result in an overpayment to you, requiring that you return some or all of the GI Bill money that had been sent to you during the term. If it is necessary to reduce your school workload, notify the registrar at once for advice on how to proceed. You may call Andrea Dance at 252-335-0821 ext. 2252 or email registrar@albemarle.edu

The law requires the VA to retrieve all GI Bill benefits paid to you for a course which has a grade assigned that cannot be used to compute your grade-point average (GPA): "W," "WF," "WP," "NA," "X," or "AU," and, of course, a "drop."

This means is that if you withdraw from or drop a course and it affects your rate of GI Bill payment, you must return all the money paid to you from the start of the term, not merely from the day you drop, unless you provide a "mitigating circumstances" statement to the VA.

If you provide such a statement and it is accepted by the VA, you will only be required to repay any money received after the last day that you attended class.

The VA will expect you to repay the overpayment amount promptly. If you do not, the VA may take any of the following actions:

  • Add interest and collection fees to your debt
  • Refer your debt to a private collection agency
  • Withhold future benefits

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