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Federal & State Financial AidEligible Academic Programs

2018 – 2019 Catalog

The following programs are eligible for federal and state financial aid:

Code Program
A10100 Associate in Arts/suffix of BN, EG – not EC
A10200 Associate in Fine Arts/suffix of A, D, M
A10300 Associate in General Education/suffix of AD, HB, HST, LE, MA, ML, OP PB, PN, ST – not EC
A10400 Associate in Science/AE – not EC
A10500 Associate in Engineering
A10600 Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Art
A10800 Associate in Fine Arts in Theatre
A25120BA General Business Administration
C25120BA General Business Administration, Certificate
A25120GB Global Business Management
C25120GB Global Business Management, Certificate
A25310MO Medical Office Administration
A25370 Office Administration
A25500CP Computer Programming Specialization
A25500IT Computer Programming Specialization
C25590CP Fundamentals of Computer Programming, Certificate
A25500OA Information Technology Specialization
A25500PC Computer Electronics Specialization
A25510 Healthcare Business Informatics
C25510 Healthcare IT Foundations, Certificate
A25590CP Information Technology: Computer Programming
A25590PM Information Technology: Project Management
A25590SA Information Technology: System Administration and Support
C25590PM Workplace IT Professional, Certificate
C255905A Computer Upgrade and Repair Technician, Certificate
A25620 Supply Chain Management
D30340 Professional Crafts: Jewelry, Diploma
C30340A Professional Crafts: Advanced Jewelry, Certificate
C30340B Professional Crafts: Basic Jewelry, Certificate
D35100 Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology, Diploma
C35100I Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration, Certificate I
D35130 Electrical Systems Technology, Diploma
C35130I Electrical Systems Technology, Level 1 – Certificate
A45110 Associate Degree Nursing
A45380 Human Services Technology
D45380 Human Services Technology, Diploma
C25310PR Patient Representative, Certificate
A45400 Medical Assisting
D45400 Medical Assisting, Diploma
A45420 Medical Laboratory Technology
A45630 Health and Fitness Science
C45630  Health and Fitness Science, Certificate
D45660 Practical Nursing
A45740 Surgical Technology
D45950 Health Science: Therapeutic and Diagnostic Services – Phlebotomy Pathway, Diploma
D45970 Health Science: Therapeutic and Diagnostic Services – Nurse Aide Pathway, Diploma
A50150 Computer-Aided Drafting Technology
D50150 Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Diploma
C50150 Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Certificate
D50210 Computer Integrated Machining, Diploma
C50210A Computer Integrated Machining Advanced, Certificate
D50420 Welding Technology, Diploma
C50420II Welding Technology: Advanced Certificate
C55120 Basic Law Enforcement Training
D55140 Cosmetology, Diploma
D55150 Culinary Arts, Diploma
C55150II Culinary Arts, Certificate II
A55180 Criminal Justice Technology
A55220 Early Childhood Education
C55220 Early Childhood Education, Certificate
C55290 Infant Toddler Care, Certificate
A55280 General Occupational Technology
A60200 Aviation Systems Technology
D60200AM Airframe Maintenance, Diploma
D60200PP Power Plant Maintenance, Diploma
  • McKell, Anne

  • Financial Aid Specialist

  • Elizabeth City Campus: AE 146

  • 252-335-0821 ext. 2393