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SOCCOAST AgreementMilitary & Veterans

Service Members

College of The Albemarle (COA) is a member of Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges Degree Network Program for the Coast Guard (SOCCOAST), an association of colleges and universities which accept each other’s classes in a particular program of study.

SOCCOAST benefits are available to uniformed personnel, their spouses and dependents, and to civilian employees.

Recognizing the problems faced by military students whose jobs require frequent moves, Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) member schools make it easier to obtain college degrees by:

  • Limiting the amount of class work you need to take at a single college to no more than 25 percent of degree requirements (30 percent if the degree is offered entirely online)
  • Designing transfer practices to minimize loss of credit and avoid duplication of class work
  • Awarding credit for military experience
  • Awarding credit for tests such as CLEP, ECE and DSST national testing programs

The five components of SOCCOAST programs are:

  1. A guarantee of transferability of college credits. Within each of the curriculum areas, the participating colleges guarantee to accept each other’s credits in transfer
  2. A formal agreement between college and student. After you’ve taken two courses (six credit hours), the college executes a binding degree plan that evaluates all prior learning, lists academic requirements that you’ll need to fulfill and guarantees award of the degree by the college when the requirements are met
  3. The academic residency requirements of participating colleges are limited to 25 percent or less of the total degree program. These can be completed at any time and anywhere the college offers programs
  4. Three program delivery options: classroom instruction, distance delivery and learning assessment
  5. Degrees and certificates/diplomas can be completed after leaving the service

SOCCOAST agreements lock in the school’s enrollment terms and benefits. If the course requirements for a particular degree change, you’re only obligated to complete the courses listed in the agreement when you began. However, you have the option to break the agreement if you wish.