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Basic & Transitional Studies Student to Pursue Higher EducationCOA Success Story

Brittni Jackson

Brittni Jackson enrolled in the Basic and Transitional Studies program at the Edenton-Chowan Campus in April 2016.

Although she enrolled as a student and was committed to working as many hours as possible to earn her High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED), she also had many responsibilities outside of school, including that she was a single parent of an elementary schooler and that she was working full time as the assistant chef at a restaurant in Perquimans County.

Jackson was a part of the Student Success Class. From the first day of class, she took her studies seriously. She repeatedly verbalized to her instructor, Craig Laughton, about her goal to either become a phlebotomist or a professional chef. Jackson successfully completed each of the four HSED official tests on the first attempt and earned her HSED in July 2016 — in less than four months. Her initial goal is to enroll in the Associate in General Education and Phlebotomy program at COA.