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COA Holds 1st Annual Adobe Kickbox™ WorkshopElizabeth City Campus

Kickbox Workshop
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The 1st Annual Adobe Kickbox Workshop was held at College of The Albemarle (COA) on the Elizabeth City Campus. The workshop was a two-day event facilitated by Dr. Susan Peck, Muffy Vestal and Wayman J. White.

What is Adobe Kickbox?

“Kickbox is an innovation process that Adobe developed for its own use and then open-sourced it so everyone can use it. It is both a process for individuals and a system for deploying that process across an organization at scale. Kickbox is designed to increase innovator effectiveness, accelerate innovation velocity, and measurably improve innovation outcomes. It can also optimize innovation investments by reducing costs compared to traditional approaches.” (Adobe, 2017).

Dr. Susan Peck commented that she “really learned a lot myself personally and professionally. I was also impressed that all the attendees were fully vested and engaged in learning and applying the six-step Kickbox Innovation process. You never know where the next big idea will come from. We had 15 people in this workshop for two days. During that time, 11 ideas were developed, and three or four of them can be implemented right away because they do not cost any money — yet they solved or streamlined processes that in the long run will save time and money!”

Members of COA’s Strategic Planning Committee 3.1 “Innovation” attended the workshop, which included:

(First row, left to right) Renee Gladden, Caitlin Wilson, Shirley Blount, Dwan Turner, John DeFeo, Ekaterina Younger, Christina Weisner and Rodney Wooten

(Second row, left to right) Muffy Vestal, Wayman White, Michelle Askew, Shellee Rust, Kendal Banks, Melinda Steward and Susan Peck