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COA Unmanned Aircraft Flight School Serves Vast Industries

Manteo — College of The Albemarle’s (COA) Dare County Campus has served a vast number of industries with its Introduction to Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems continuing education class.

Public safety officials, real estate agencies, photographers, construction inspectors, film makers and people in the field of agriculture are among some of the individuals who have completed the class. COA’s Workforce Development and Career Readiness instructor, Robert Nelson teaches the fundamentals in obtaining a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) remote pilot license. Students gain an understanding of

  • current and upcoming drone technologies;
  • safe practices and good aeronautical decision making;
  • FAA flight restrictions and local laws regarding flying a drone;
  • FAA requirements for the airworthiness certificate for business purpose;
  • photography and videography techniques;
  • file management techniques and how to back up archives; and
  • post production practices to produce promotional content.

The sixteen-hour class meets twice weekly for two hours and uses Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro unmanned aircraft and First Person View glasses to train students on. Nelson takes it a step further by supplying students with links for use after they have completed the course.

If you’re interested in drones, aerial photography and videography, contact Sherri May at 252-473-2264 ext. 7511 or