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COA’s Edenton-Chowan Campus — We’re Here to Stay

EDENTON — The College of The Albemarle (COA) Edenton-Chowan Campus is open and busy serving students.

“While enrollment has decreased over time, the college’s Culinary Arts program is quite strong and is offering several general education classes for those students working towards an associate degree. The college is also working with the local community and offering several Continuing Education and Career Readiness classes,” said Dr. Robert Wynegar, COA President, when asked about the status of the Edenton-Chowan Campus.

The college has had a strong working relationship for several years with the Department of Corrections — across the state — as their corrections officers hold their mandatory training at the Edenton-Chowan Campus. The college gains many students from this partnership.

To share the space available at the campus, the college has recently invited the Edenton-Chowan Public Schools offices — which includes the superintendent and all administrative staff — to move their offices to the campus. They’re currently renting space in Edenton and, unfortunately, running out of space. The superintendent’s office will be located on the Edenton-Chowan Campus, which will provide plenty of space. This partnership will also ensure that COA continues to meet the needs of local high school students who are enrolled, or will enroll, in the college’s dual enrollment program.

With the superintendent’s office coming onto the campus, the college is relocating their administrative offices to the side of the campus that faces Blades Street. The superintendent’s office space will have their entrance on the side of the campus that faces Dicks Street.

Also adding to our local partnerships, the members of the senior citizens program in Edenton have been meeting at the Edenton-Chowan Campus as their building flooded when Hurricane Matthew came through our area.

COA’s Edenton-Chowan Campus is busy with students and continues to collaborate with the local community. The college has every intention to remain open and continue to serve the residents of Edenton and the surrounding counties. The staff and faculty who are located at the campus are working hard and are happy that the campus isn’t going anywhere.