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COA Alumni Connect Visits US Coast Guard Base

Elizabeth City — On Wednesday, Oct. 24, COA Alumni Connect surprised 44 COA graduates at the U.S. Coast Guard Base.

COA Alumni

Industrial Operations Division

Shop 103
Ryan Foster – AAS in Computer Engineering, AAS in System Administration and Support, AAS in Computer Programming, and AAS in Program Management
Josh Baker – AAS in Mechanical Engineering Technologies
Jordan Herman – AAS in Mechanical Engineering Technologies
Kirk Higgins – AAS in Architectural Technology
Chris Shonkwiler – AAS in Mechanical Engineering Technologies

Shop 110
John Berry – HVAC Technical Certificate, additional credit hours

Shop 121
Don Crittendon – credit hours
Marco McNiell – credit hours

Shop 141
James Sanderlin – credit hours

Shop 133
Keith Beale – AAS in Machining
Chris Bray – AAS in Machining
Darnelle Chamblee – AAS in Machining
Dwain Dart – AAS in Machining
Travis Elmore – AAS in Machining
Lemuel Lamb – AAS in Machining
Kenneth Layden – Machining Certification
Ben Lowe – Sheet Metal Certification
Nate Manning – AAS in Machining
Eric Meads – AAS in Machining
Blake Morgan – AAS in Machining
Kenneth Nordstrom – AAS in Machining
Thomas Simpson – AAS in Machining
Chris Waugaman – AAS in Machining
Joe Waugaman – AAS in Machining
Andy Garrenton – AAS in Machining
Guy Layden – credit hours
Randy McPherson – AAS in Machining
Craig Miller – AAS in Machining
Joel Moreland – AAS in Machining
Joey Potts – AAS in Machining
Dustin Winslow – AAS in Machining

Shop 211
John Spence – Precision Machining Technology Degree
Bryan Burhenne – Sheet Metal, Welding I and II, and Precision Measurement Certifications

Shop 233
Vernon Lewis – AAS in Electronic Engineering
Anthony Trotman – AAS in Electronic Engineering

Shop 241
Buddy Cheeks – Sheet Metal Certification
Dustin Boyce – General Education credit hours
Todd Winslow – General Education credit hours
Hunter Morris – General Education credit hours
Billy Wright – General Education credit hours
John Dalstra – General Education credit hours

Shop 100
Brandon Bass – General Education credit hours

Production Control
David Forbes – AAS in Electronics Technology