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Be Ready for the Summer 2020 Semester

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Welcome to COA!

Classes in College of The Albemarle’s (COA) next summer 2020 session begin June 23, but check your schedule for your first class date. Here are resources to help make sure you’re ready for day one:

Choose Success


Read simple ways to get the most out of your semester.

Bring What You’ll Need

Come to class with everything you need on the first day.

  1. Textbook (along with any required online resource access codes)
  2. Notebooks
  3. Pen or pencil
  4. Other miscellaneous items


Check your COA email before the first day to see if your teachers have sent any important messages. Then check it at least once a day. Take advantage of faculty office hours to get help with class and to get to know your teachers.

Go to Class

There are no “free cuts” in college. Come to class every day and on time.


Unless your teacher specifically tells you to use electronics in the classroom, turn off and put away all mobile devices (including your phone) before class starts.


  1. Syllabus
    1. Course info
    2. Assignments
    3. Due dates
    4. Attendance/tardy policy
    5. Other class policies
  2. Books
  3. Notes
  4. Emails
  5. myCourses messages

Take Notes

You’ll not remember everything in all your classes for an entire semester, so write it down. By taking notes, you’ll learn better than just going over highlighted parts in the textbook or looking at pictures you took of notes on the board after class.

Log into myCourses

Log in on the first day and then at least every couple days. Even if you’re not taking any online classes, in myCourses you can find course documents, check your grades and communicate with the class.


Actively participate in class and at the college. Students who’re involved in class and out-of-class activities are more likely to graduate.

Use Your Resources

COA has lots of ways to help you succeed – Academic Support Center, library, financial aid, advisors, other students, etc.

Own It

You’re responsible for your own success. Don’t hope you succeed. Decide that you’ll succeed, and take action to make it happen.


Email or call 252-335-0821.