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Club Check RequestsStudent Government Association (SGA)

What is needed?

☐ The club check request must be completely filled out.

☐ It isn’t necessary to have the Club President signature but it must contain the Club Advisor and SGA Advisor signature. Once this is complete at the local campus, it should be forwarded to the Student Life and Leadership coordinator, who signs off on club requests and attaches a copy of the budget summary for the club.

☐ Include invoice number and invoice date on the check request.

☐ Documentation is a requirement for all check requests; this documentation includes receipts, packing slips, copy of emails showing what the purchase was used for (e.g., for the Practice Wellness Fair, attach a flyer showing the dates, time and other information). If there isn’t a packing slip included with the order, make a notation on the invoice that there was “no packing slip”. On occasion you’ll also need to include a list of individuals who would be receiving something from this request (e.g., pinning ceremonies, lamps, testing). If this is for a meeting, a list of attendees plus a copy of the agenda should also be attached.

☐ If the receipt is small, like a cash register receipt, please tape to an 8½ inch by 11 inch piece of paper or to the back of the check request.

☐ We don’t pay by quotes or in advance so be sure that all check requests contain an invoice showing all the information concerning the vendor. It’s required to have a W-9 on file for each vendor before payment is made, so if you’re using a new vendor, be sure to let them know about the W-9 and sometimes they’ll submit this form with the invoice to help speed up the payment process. If you need a copy of the most recent W-9, please let us know and we’ll forward one to you.

☐ We are also required to have an Iran Divestment form submitted for any vendor that we pay in excess of $1,000. Please be sure this is completed and turned in with the check request. If you need a copy of this, contact Accounts Payable.