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Phi Theta Kappa 2023 Induction – College of The Albemarle

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is the international honor society of two-year colleges. It is the largest honor society in American higher education, with 2 million members in over 1200 chapters in all 50 states, US territories, and several foreign countries. The Nu Nu Chapter of PTK at College of The Albemarle is active and thriving, with over 200 members.

This year’s induction ceremony was held on April 27, 2023, with 19 inductees participating. Requirements are a minimum 3.5 grade point average and at least 12 accumulated semester hours in an associate degree program or six hours in a shorter or certificate program. Lifetime membership makes students eligible for transfer scholarships to over 500 colleges and universities. Members may wear a special stole at graduation, and their diplomas include the PTK seal.


PTK Induction at College of The Albemarle, April 27, 2023

The Nu Nu Chapter of PTK at College of The Albemarle was recognized as the world’s first 5-Star Phi Theta Kappa Chapter in 2022. The Five Star Chapter Development Plan is a way to incentivize and reward chapters for their efforts in fulfilling Phi Theta Kappa’s mission and contributing to their members’ personal and academic growth. By achieving higher star levels, chapters demonstrate their commitment to excellence and involvement on campus and in the community.

Rebecca DiLeo, COA Participant Be The Match

An example of the society’s commitment to involvement on campus and in the community, members raised money this spring for the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America. They hosted a registration drive for Be The Match. Nine donors were added to the registry through their efforts. Be the Match is a national marrow donor program that matches donors with people, often children, who need stem cell treatment for conditions such as sickle cell anemia and some types of cancer.

The induction ceremony was led by the chapter advisor Leah Allen Jones, Chapter President Ryan Searle, Vice President of Fellowship Denequa Mallory, Vice President of Service Gabrielle Spence and Public Relations and Reporting Officer Caity Washam. The guest speaker was COA Enrollment Advisor and Success Coach Shante Thomas.


Congratulations to the 2023 Phi Theta Kappa Nu Nu Chapter Inductees:

Damaris Ambrosio-Reyes, Chowan County

Kiara Antonacci, Currituck County

Megan Armstrong, Currituck County

Kelvin Brown, Jr., Pasquotank County

Tiffany Carter, Pasquotank County

Zander H. Eads, Currituck County

Azlynn Eckert, Pasquotank County

Chase Forbes, Camden County

Grace Forbes, Camden County

Taneisha Kee, Pasquotank County

Denequa Mallory, Pasquotank County

Summer McCullough, Currituck County

Madison Melton, Gates County

Brianna Orosco, Currituck County

Taylor Prado, Currituck County

Joshua Twiddy, Pasquotank County

Nicollette Vasquez Lopez, Pasquotank County

Logan Waller, Pasquotank County

Gabrielle Spence, Pasquotank County


For information, please contact Tammy W. Sawyer, COA Director of Communications and Marketing, at [email protected] or 252.335.0821 ext. 2420.