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Arrow-arumFenwick-Hollowell Wetlands Trail

Arrow-arum (Peltandra virginica)


Arrow-arum is named as such because of its distinct arrowhead-shaped leaves. It is often grown in standing water and wet soils, with a thick and sturdy stem and roots to support itself. It blooms in summer in wet areas like marshes and swamps.
Peltandra virginica 3zz

Gardening Tips

Care How to Harvest Mature Size Notes/Uses
Tolerant to both acidic and alkaline water, from 5 to 9 pH; Partial shade is recommended to help retain moisture and water but can survive with much less sunlight when compared to other aquatic plants Is harvested from the root as a rhizome Can grow up to two feet tall without support Can be used to improve the water quality of small freshwater ponds by taking in minerals from sediment