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Bald CypressFenwick-Hollowell Wetlands Trail

Bald cypress


These are evergreen trees or shrubs, with small scale-like leaves. Their seeds are stored in woody cones, and are pollinated by wind.
Cypress trees

Gardening Tips

Care Known Problems How to Harvest Mature Size Notes/Uses
If planted outdoors, these plants do best in an area where the soil is well drained, and not too wet; It is also best to plant them where they can receive plenty of sunlight; Plant these trees in organic soil or mulch and add enough water to soak the soil at first; They tend to grow best in moderately acidic soils (pH 4 – 6) Canker infections (fungal) can occur on limbs where there is poor airflow and root rot is a fungal infections that can result from overwatering or poorly drained soil; Bagworms and spider mites are pest associated with cypress trees It is possible to harvest seeds from the cones that are produced by cypress trees Height: This depends on the species, and if the tree is pruned, but sizes can range from 6 – 70 feet These trees are frequently used for ornamental landscaping in many parts of the world; They are also harvested for their timber