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Devil’s Walking StickFenwick-Hollowell Wetlands Trail

Devil’s walking stick (Aralia spinosa)


Aralia spinosa, commonly known as Devil’s walking stick, is a woody species of plant in the genus Aralia, family Araliaceae, native to eastern North America. The various names refer to the viciously sharp, spiny stems, petioles, and even leaf midribs. It has also been known as Angelica-tree.
Aralia spinosa

Gardening Tips

Care Known Problems How to Harvest Mature Size Notes/Uses
Promptly remove root suckers to prevent unwanted naturalization Over taking other plants; No serious insect or disease problems; Susceptible to leaf spots; Aphids and mealybugs may appear; Handling bark and roots may cause allergic skin reactions n/a Height: 30 plus feet The young leaves can be eaten if gathered before the prickles harden, they are then chopped finely and cooked as a potherb